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Friday Forum: Web apps for managing classroom workload?

Friday Forum is a bi-weekly advice column for educators seeking guidance on educations issues. Please join the discussion – we want to hear your stories and suggestions, too! 

Q: There are a ton of great apps out there. Can you suggest a few that would help a teacher manage their classroom workload, whether it is planning, assessment, or gathering resources? — Tyler 

A: Tyler,

That is a great question that I am sure many busy educators ask as they look for solutions to make them more efficient.  I often wish that I could find an app for a 30-hour day.  But until someone clon
es …

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Collaborative Time: How to Plan for Its Effective Use


A shift has begun in the Northshore School District this year.  Last June, as part of bargaining with the teachers union, the district added what it calls “Collaborative Time” to the weekly schedule.  Every Wednesday, students will leave school ninety five minutes early so that staff can collaborate.  This creates a unique opportunity for my school’s leadership team.  We are at a critical point where we have the chance to define the collaborative culture within our building.

How will we do so?

At our staff retreat, our staff identified three areas of focus for the year: the Teacher/Principal Evaluation process, Common …

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Leaning In to Shared Leadership


I served for eight years as an elementary principal in small schools. I loved the small school environment. I was able to learn every student’s name fairly quickly, and I got to work closely with a small group of teachers. As the only administrator, all of the directorial responsibilities rested on my shoulders.

This year, I am the principal of a much larger elementary school. My school has over 650 students. It’s a big change! One huge difference is that I get to work with an assistant principal. An assistant principal?  A partner? I’m in!

Another change for me is the level …

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The Little Alaska High School That Could


Collaboration for many staff members can be a dreadful experience.  Everyone piles into a common area knowing that nobody really wants to be there. Arguments often ensue, and one might even have to stay past the contractual day.  Often the person who talks the loudest or the most manages to get what he/she wants, while the rest of the staff just wishes it would be different.  This is what I endured for four years at Delta High School in Delta Junction, Alaska.

This all started to change when our principal, Patrick Mayer, implemented three new concepts: Group Norms, Timed Agenda and …

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